Open Journal of Otolaryngology and Rhinology

Welcome to Open Journal of Otolaryngology and Rhinology

Open Journal of Otolaryngology and Rhinology encourages original research, expert review on Otorhinolaryngology Disorders and Treatments at the forefront of experimental, translational studies and practice at the point of care. RJOR commits to publishing the results of research and clinical practice; case reports interesting to an international audience of otorhinolaryngologists, clinicians, scientists, trainees, and specialists to improve patient care and public health. Also, may be of interest to scientist dedicated to the most updated and significant medical advances across the broad spectrum of Otorhinolaryngology.

Core areas of interest of OJOR include the current otorhinolaryngological practice; audiology, otology, balance, rhinology, larynx, otology, neurotology, audiology, rhinology, allergy, laryngology, speech science, bronchoesophagology and head and neck oncology. The journal specifically focuses on advances in studies of multiple areas of basic or clinical significance and treatment of patients with disorders of the ENT.

The journal pursues well-defined papers which prioritize distinction, originality, applicability, accuracy, focus and appeal to the readership. ENT surgeons plus oncologists, audiological physicians, scientists, and clinical researchers are contributors of OJOR articles.