Clinical Journal of Nephrology

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Clinical Journal of Nephrology enormous disciplines for the authors, researchers, doctors and scientists to conduct research and report the findings in assistance to prevention, promotion and management of the health and wellbeing of individuals with kidney disease.

Nephrology is the study of the kidney. The function, and diseases concerning the kidney are the core subjects that are covered in this journal, although articles from sub related fields, and topics that relate closely to the kidney are also accepted. The journal of Nephrology and Kidney Failure offers articles submitted by medical professionals, research experts, and highly qualified experts in this domain.

The journal serves to accentuate the research and practice of novel methods of treatment of acute and chronic nephrological disorders viz. Kidney Failure, Lobar Nephronia, Alport syndrome, hydronephrosis, glomerulonephritis, End-Stage renal diseases, kidney cysts, Lupus Nephritis, nephrosclerosis, etc.