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RAFT publications aspire to publish manuscripts that are informative, exciting to read, educate and to keep the readers updated with the research related to science, technology and medicine disciplines with 40+ international peer reviewed journals. We accept all types of manuscripts (Research Paper, Review Articles, Short Communications, Case Reports, Mini-Review, Opinions, and Letter to Editors Etc. Our passion for serving the scientific community droves us to publish our journals through open access mode (Free to read & download).

About US

RAFT Publishers, is an Open Access publication model allows the diffusion of research articles to everyone across the world. We offer you the advantage of interaction with the most effective minds from the scientific community. All articles printed and kept it as open access for anyone. All scholarly journals will be peer-reviewed by a number of highly affiliated scientists and researchers.

Who Are We

RAFT Publications is established with an aim to adoptive the importance of dispensing knowledge across the world through open access journals, making the research available to everyone.

What are We Doing

RAFT Publications established the platform the scientific literature by publishing various kinds of Manuscripts, Reviews, Case Reports, Short Communications, Mini Reviews, Editorials, Letter to Editors and Opinions, etc. in its journals.

We would like to participate in your contest to create a good platform for researchers and scientists in various fields. It promotes their research to international viewers and also to offer free access to all the readers. To maintain the high standards and ensure the quality, every international journal on each discipline is governed by outstanding expertise and a stringent peer-review process by editorial board members.

Vision and Mission

Publish the research information globally to advance in research activities and set an International benchmark by using our best technology, resources and our dedication to the research community.